Tips for buying or selling a condo when you have a pet

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Tips for buying or selling a condo when you have a pet
Article from Chicago Tribune:

Buying or selling a condominium when you have a pet can be tough. Association rules and restrictions vary, and animal behavior often is unpredictable.

Scott Kelly, a Chicago-based Redfin real estate agent, accepted the challenge on behalf of buyers whose pets are big, scary snakes. A boa constrictor and a ball python.

Kelly helped them find a two-bedroom condo in a north suburb, and he verified that neither the association nor the municipality ban large snakes. While the deal was under contract, the buyers took a proactive approach by preparing a presentation to the board. They included photographs and information about their snakes and how they care for them. They also highlighted the positives: Snakes don’t make noise or messes, and they don’t travel through the common areas to relieve themselves outdoors.

The board had no objections, and the buyers closed in February.

“Now they are happy homeowners,” Kelly said. “They have a bedroom for themselves and a bedroom for the snakes.”

Other buyers don’t find new homes for themselves and their beloved animals as easily.

“I’ve seen the frustration with buyers when they see a place, love it and want it, and then they realize the building’s policies are not going to accept two Chihuahuas because they allow one dog,” said Jason Feldman, a Related Realty real es…………………continues on Chicago Tribune
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Winter Haven boarder and dog owner at odds over pet injuries
Article from WFLA:

“Biggie” and Tracie Robinson

WINTER HAVEN, FL (WFLA) – A Winter Haven dog-owner claims the decades-old boarding business she chose to care for her pet nearly killed him.  He’s cut, scarred, mangled and visibly hurting.  But the boarder is throwing the blame back on the owner– calling them “old wounds.”

Tracie Robinson has children of her own, but nine-year-old Biggie is her baby.  So when she first laid eyed on him after he spent three weeks at Ed’s Pet Motel in Winter Haven, she lost it. “I almost fainted, I was hysterical, I couldn’t breathe,” Robinson said.

That’s because Biggie was hobbling with open wounds on his feet and thighs and had lost eight pounds in a three week period. “This dog has been with me for a long time; anybody who knows me knows how much I love this dog,” Robinson said.

Biggie checked into the motel August 21st.  Just hours before dropping him off there, Robinson sent him to Dunham Animal Hospital for vaccinations.  “This is not what the dog looked like three weeks ago, no, I’m sure I would have noticed this,” Dr. Steven Dunham said.

Robert Gaskins, Owner of Ed’s Pet Motel, claims the root of the issue goes back long before Biggie ever showed up there.  He blames the owner for not cluing him in.

“The dog was skinny like that when he arrived here…………………continues on WFLA
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