Volunteers learn to set up pet shelters during disasters

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Volunteers learn to set up pet shelters during disasters
Article from KITV Honolulu:

It’s hard to ignore the signs of discomfort and confusion in your pet. Those emotions only get worse during emergency situations.

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A team of volunteers are working to combat the issue by learning the ins and outs of setting up a pet shelter during disasters. The group learned the layouts of the 28 shelters around the Oahu.

Volunteer Shelly Pang started with Hawaiian Humane Society last hurricane season. She feels it’s her duty to comfort pets and families in need.

“People are very stressed at this point in time, so we’re going to be the calm ones to help the people get their animals, get themselves into a shelter,” said Pang.

For safety and sanitation reasons, pets need to stay in separate shelters. Officials say this can be hard for pet owners but are confident the volunteers who run the show are up to the task.

“It really is one of the safest places to be during the storm or in an event because the shelters are picked up specifically for safety,” said Marielle Terbio, Volunteer Outreach Coordinator.

Four volunteers are at each shelter during any given time. The area will be st…………………continues on KITV Honolulu
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California man seeks to legalize pet ferrets
Article from even though they bite – Reuters:

SACRAMENTO, Calif. Pat Wright loves his three ferrets – even though they do sometimes bite and he’s had to replace the baseboards in part of his house after they urinated for years along the walls – and he really wants them to become legalized as pets in California.

On Monday, Wright was anxiously preparing what he admits may be a quixotic campaign to legitimize Tiger, Bailey and Jethro after a decision on Friday by state officials in Sacramento to allow him to gather signatures to place a referendum on the ballot making it legal to own and import ferrets.

“Back in the mid-1980s, I lived in an apartment, and I couldn’t have a dog,” said Wright, who lives in the San Diego suburb of La Mesa. “I had two cats, but I wanted something more interactive.”

He drove to Yuma, Arizona, and bought Chester, a neutered male who has since died, from a breeder there, bringing the ferret back to California even though the state, along with Hawaii, is one of two in the U.S. that bans them.

Years of advocacy followed. He founded a pro-ferret organization, Ferrets Anonymous, and has been arrested for…………………continues on even though they bite – Reuters
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