Tile is pet-friendly flooring

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Tile is pet-friendly flooring
Article from The San Diego Union-Tribune:
By Jennifer Adams, Special to the U-T | 10 p.m. Aug. 13, 2015

Jennifer Adams

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Q: I have two dogs and am about to adopt one more when my boyfriend moves in. My dogs (one is a German Shepherd mix, and the other is a Labradoodle like yours!) have trashed the wood floors in my house beyond repair. Carpet is inexpensive, but my boyfriend’s dog, an older terrier mix, has a lot of accidents. What do you suggest?


A: I understand about wanting a durable, easy-to-clean floor that looks great. And your pet family sounds amazing.

And you’re right, carpet isn’t the best idea for pets — especially accident-prone ones. Carpet is warm to everyone’s feet and feels soft, but dirt, allergens … and, um, odors and stains collect unless you clean things up immediately. A commercial-grade carpet with a very low profile would be easier to clean than a more luxurious thick carpet, but that richness and warmt…………………continues on The San Diego Union-Tribune

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St. Louis Among Best Cities for Pet Lovers
Article from CBS Local:

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – If you think St. Louis is going to the dogs, cats, gerbils or other pets, you might be right. According to WalletHub, the Gateway City is the 2nd best place in the U.S. to be a pet lover, behind only Cincinnati.

The rankings are based on 16 key metrics, including outdoor opportunities, pet-care provider rates, the number of pet businesses per capita and number of animal shelters.

Newark, New Jersey finished last.

You can read the entire report here.

Mutton Chops Pet Services owner Julie Birkemeier “highly agrees” with the ranking.

“We have so many restaurants with patios where you can bring your dogs. Dog parks are springing up in so many different neighborhoods. Parks are dog friendly. You have a ton of the pet boutiques around,” Birkemeier says.

One of those boutiques is Four Muddy Paws in Lafayette Square.

Pet stylist Crystal Rolfe says it’s like a Whole Foods for dogs: “All our foods are holistic. They’re all made as healthy as possible for them. We offer almost every variety depending on what your dog would eat.”

Included on the store’s shelves are treats made of free-range bison from Albe…………………continues on CBS Local
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